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Blood Tests

Appropriate blood tests are carried out at the request of a Dr. If you feel you need to have your bloods checked, please make an appointment with one of our Drs who will discuss your symptoms/concerns and order the relevant blood tests to be taken. You can then make the correct appointment with one of our admin team.

If you have to have bloods done at the request of a hospital consultant please speak to our reception team who will arrange a test date for you. You will be required to bring a copy of the consultant’s letter/request with you to ensure we take the correct samples. Please book any consultant requested blood test as soon as possible to ensure they are ready for collection prior to your next appointment.

Blood test results are currently being returned approximately 1 week from the date they were taken. You may opt to receive a text message with your results (see reception to arrange); alternatively one of our medical team may contact you to discuss your results.