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Health Checks

Health Checks Ardee

Ardee Family Practice offers a variety of different health checks, which can be beneficial or necessary in your everyday life.

Sports/Work/Insurance medicals – Carried out during a longer appointment where we can ensure all questions are answered fully and any tests that are required can be done.

Adoption/Fostering medicals – As above, these also require a longer appointment time to allow for the full completion of the general health check up.

Well person checks – A specialised health check, incorporating all aspects of your general health and wellbeing. Tailored separately for men and women this is a beneficial way to ensure you are looking after your overall health if you do not visit the Dr on a regular basis.

Prices will vary and are available upon request.

Please ensure you specify when booking your health check which type of medical you require. This will allow our staff to allocate the proper length of time for your appointment.